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The expensive furniture like sofa comes with plethora of design, brand, style and fabric choosing a new sofa for your home can be difficult sometime. It is important to make sure the three “F” that is Frame, Foam and Fabric you like, whilst ensuring it provides adequate seating space, level of comfort and perfectly fit to size of your room.

We would like to share some basic tips with you before you going to buy a new couch for your home.

Firstly, There are lots of design and style available in market. However go with the style that suit with the décor of your home. For traditionally styled room go with traditional curved arm sofa. if you have modern home, choose contemporary style sofa that fit your room and gives instant update. additionally keep in mind the surrounding of your room before choosing any color and style of sofa.

Secondly, Fabric is as much important as style in selecting sofa. Any fabric is not permanent, all fabric can fed up with time. However, fabric must provides comfort and durability. you can check the Martindale rubs test to make sure the durability of fabric. if you love to keep your home update with latest interior design, choose neutral color fabric that gives you flexibility to update with latest trend by changing scatter cushions. additionally, bring some swatches of your wall, floor and curtain color to match with the fabric of your couch.

Thirdly, analyse the room space. your room looks out of proportion if you put large sofa in small lounge and visa versa. We suggest to do measurement like length, height and depth of your living space before you head out for viewing. you can put the newspaper on floor to measure. it will helps you identify the area available and how it will consume the size of your room.

Fourthly, requirement of seating space on your sofa. things you need to take into accounts are number of family member, how they are going to spend time on it. for example, if you laying down on sofa to relax, it should be enough room between two arms. Chaise style is good for those who wants to lay down the legs while reading books or ideal for curling up in comfort. sofa with low arms great choice for those who wants to rest their head and feet on it. so, its all depend on your need!

Finally, the level of comfort your sofa provides. if it doesn’t provides the comfort and happiness, there is no meaning to invest in great design, expensive fabric and pay high fees for craftsmanship. So comfort of your sofa depends on not only one factor but all the factor such as Foam, Frame, Fabric, length, height of back, and depth of seat as well as you past experience. If you’re unsure, why not go in one of our store for free consultation and test the comfort of the sofas first hand ? This way you will be sure to find out what sofa gives you feeling of relaxation.

– Hardik Sutariya


It is a frequent question pet lovers ask during their hunt for a new couch. Your pet loves snuggling up on the sofa as much as you do. But pet fur, claws, teeth, and drool, can all wreak havoc on your Sofas, chair, and ottomans. Characteristic some fabric options are more durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean than others.

So here we have put some guide on durability, color, and material for those who live with cats and dogs while shopping for new fabric couches and tips to protect their fabric couch from damage.

When choosing fabric for your new couch point need to consider is weave tightness. The tightly woven fabric helps to remove pet fur, buff out scratch marks, bead up spills before it is absorbed by the fabric, and make them easy to clean.

Microfiber fabric is a tight weave fabric and is considered the best choice for pet-friendly upholstery because of its plush and suede-like surface, sharp claws are less likely to sink and gain traction. Furthermore, microfiber couches are often stain-resistant, they can easily wipe down like leather and its attractive couch because of its softness, easy-clean features. This is an excellent choice without much burden on your pocket.

Genuine leather is a good choice for pets. But the downside of a leather couch is the hefty price tag which is sometimes out of your budget and you might have noticed that your old leather couch with distressed unique looks with lots of scratching. Leather also gets very hot in warmer months.

There is no doubt the sofa or chaise made from velvet fabric is highly durable because of its tight weave, also looks luxurious but unless you plan to take a sticky lint roller to your velvet-covered furniture every day. Velvet is a less pet-friendly upholstery fabric option.

Acrylic is a soft and light synthetic fiber that was developed as imitation wool. Acrylic fabric is a good pet-friendly upholstery fabric option that is resistant to oil, Sunlight exposure, and fading. this fabric is mostly used in outdoor furniture.

Vinyl is a cruelty-free alternative to leather and works as a pet-friendly fabric. but need to consider for high-quality vinyl to make sure it doesn’t fade over time.

Canvas slipcovers can be a way to protect your furniture. Remove the cover when it gets dirty and toss it into the washing machine. other hand Wool work with pets, it is durable and resists pilling but is difficult to clean and has the chance of shrinkage, and of course, it’s an expensive fabric.

In terms of color, A medium hue fabric hides stain while patterned fabric or darker color also tends to disguise stains or scratch better than plain fabric. For example, if you have a pet with white hair, a lighter color fabric choice would be best.

In Conclusion, there is not any 100% pet-friendly fabric, every fabric has some pros and cons So the main thing to remember is to avoid the loosely weaved fabric that can hold messes. If you are too worried about your new sofa, take the option of fabric protection from accidental stain and spill as some rightly said ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’. And lastly do not forget to do the regular trimming of the pet’s nails.

– Hardik Sutariya